It’s no secret that locally-grown food tastes better, which is why whenever possible we use local produce.

Once separated from its source, a higher rate of respiration occurs in the product, resulting in moisture loss, nutrient degradation, and potential microbial spoilage. 

You can’t beat the zest and crunch of freshly picked produce. 

This food is bred for taste and not coated with chemicals to withstand the long commute. 

Eating locally-produced food that has been able to ripen fully. Not only does this give us food rich in colour and flavour, it means that our body gets the highest nutritional value possible. 


October is a great month for many veggies, fabulous squash, carrots, cox apples, pears, cabbage, parsnips, cauliflower, beetroot and Toni’s all time favourite veggie, the wonderful Brussels sprout, all these veggies feature heavily in our autumnal October menu.

Brussels Sprouts
Fresh Beetroots

All meals can be collected from the Cowshed, Sidlesham on Monday Morning's

or are available for delivery on Monday Afternoon within a ten-mile radius of Chichester. 



All meals £8.- £9. each or £7.50 when you order four or more.

To place your order simply DM or Email Toni no later than the Thursday prior.


Please DHALing chill out

Put your feet up and let Momma take care of you with this lemony Tadka Dhal goodness served with kale, roasted garlic broccoli and quinoa £8.00​

Not MUSHROOM left in here


Fill your tummy with this warming bowl of mushroom and veggie ragu with a side of super power spinach and smokey roasted sweet potatoes.


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Such a JACK the lad


All the yummies in bowl to make a bad boy wrap, or to eat it as you please. A portion of Smoky pulled Bbq jackfruit on top of spinach, red onion, cucumber salad with guacamole. With a whole meal wrap ready to fill or dip or if your like me load it until it bursts! Ha £8.00

Don't be SOUPerficial

Let's get real goodness inside us with this mixed seasonal veg soup...squash, lentils, tomatoes, leeks, carrots, Brussels and any extra goodies Momma can't resist served in a plastic free plant based soup cup -£4.50

Old RAMEN tic


8 hour curried ramen miso broth on gluten free rice noodles all topped off with some crispy protein tofu. Packed with Mommas umami flavour £8.50


Veg Out

Juice of the week - local seasonal fruit & veg sourced to make a bountiful bottle of goodness for your soul. - £4.00




Add some healthy sweetness to your day with these gluten free pots of happiness. Cacao Oats with a layer of Chia pudding. Topped with berries of the week -£4.50


PEANUT butter jelous time 


Make everyone around you envious as you devour this too good to be true raw cacao and homemade peanut butter heaven. 

 - £4.50 - for 2 cups

No more Mr RICE guy


Spicy mixed veggie brown rice, crispy tofu chunks drizzled with a homemade peanut satay sauce

(eat hot or cold, within 2 days) £8.00

Don't DAHL my shine .


Tadka Dhal in all its lemony lentil loveliness. Healthy delicious comfort food at its finest served with quinoa, greens and oven roasted broccoli £8.00

What a TART .


A Beautiful vegan quiche style tart, filled with spinach, tomato and red peppers served with a homemade cashew mayo dressed winter slaw and roasted sweet potatoes.

Great dish for a cold lunch. £8.50

Right up my STREET .


A traditional Burmese street food dish with a vegan twist. Curried coconut broth with butternut, chickpea, spinach and Tofu chunks served on gluten free whole wheat noodles. Serve with fresh onion & lemon £8.50



Protein packed Mixed bean chilli In a balanced smoky sauce. Slow cooked for extra love. Served with Roasted jacket sweet potato (can make a swap on SP for quinoa) and greens £8.00


Veg Out

Juice of the week - local seasonal fruit & veg sourced to make a bountiful bottle of goodness for your soul. - £4.00


It's a DATE .


Mixed pot of overnight Chia and gluten free oats with dates and homemade peanut butter. Topped with fig slice and coconut. £4.50

What a Ball-er

Handmade protein & energy balls. Have the perfect snack with these nutty delights. (Contains peanuts) Box of 12 balls £8.00


Let the BEET Drop


Local and seasonal Beetroot balls in a rich smokey tomato sauce served on top of wholewheat garlic infused spaghetti and a side of fresh spinach £8.50

Tongue THAI ed


Local butternut, cauliflower, and green bean Thai curry. Cooked in my special homemade red Thai paste all served with spinach and brown rice (eat within 2 days and contains nuts & sesame) differs from pic  £8.00

KALE them with kindness


Tuscan butterbean and cannellini stew in all its heavenly glory of comfort and kindness on the soul. Served with quinoa, shredded cavolo nero and spinach -£8.00


Veg Out

Juice of the week - local seasonal fruit & veg sourced to make a bountiful bottle of goodness for your soul. - £4.00

The Shepard saved the lamb.


Lentil and Bean mix in Mommas special sauce with a cheesy sweet potato topping. So a yummy shepards pie with out the animal! Hehe all served up with roasted broccoli & spinach £8.50


CHOC it like it's Hot 


Refined sugar free, handmade with love, individual chocolates. Discs of raw cacao topped with nuts, dates and coconut. £4.50 for 5 slices 


Get your JACK-et you've pulled 

Momma spiced Jackfruit served up with a whole bowl of nutritious yummies including turmeric quinoa, homemade hummus, roasted sweet potatoes and a tahini dressed winter slaw. -£8.50

Alright DAHL-ing


Beautiful bowl to soul moments with this lentil dahl, served with brown rice, spinach and Bombay style cauliflower (eat within 3 days) -£8.00

Are you PHO-kin kidding me

A 6 hour slow cooked pho ramen broth. Bursting with beautiful umami flavours served on top of whole wheat gluten free noodles, with tasty Chilli tofu and crunchy veg. -£8.50



CURRY up mate

No need to hurry, take it slow, chill and let momma take care of you with a bowl of love. Sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry served with quinoa. -£8.50

Have a ROOT around 

Making the most of our local seasonal root veg with this cumin and turmeric curried parsnip soup. Just what you need to warm up your cockles on a cold day. -£4.50

JUICE-n up 

Action packed bottle of nutrition! Using the best local ingredients I source that well.

Boom job done -£4.00


CHIA up!

Add some healthy sweetness to your day with these gluten free pots of happiness. Cacao Oats with a layer of Chia pudding. Topped with fruit of the week -£4.50​

I like CHOC n Roll

Cake that's good for you? Get in my belly!. Mommas special Handmade chocolate is then made into a ganache with hints of wild orange on a beautiful  nut crust -£4.50- per slice. (Limited amounts so order fast)

If your using the meal prep scheme of buying 4 mains or more your meals reduce to a price of 7.50 per meal. What a great incentive. Add on any extras once you have brought 4 meals at that price. 


Smaller orders welcome too.

Place your orders before Thursday evening this week


Delivery charge between £3-5 depending on area.

Meals may contain ground nuts, tree nuts and sesame. 

Please inform me of any allergies when you place your order. 

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