Self love on the mat....

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Years of jogging, training, gym or workout classes never quite prepared me for my first experience on my yoga mat.

The explanation of the ujjayi breathing technique seemed so alien to me where I was a oxygen starved, dizzy headed, heavy breathing (gasping!! Ha) member of the gym!

On my first visit to power yoga I was blown away by the power in which i found using the Ujjayi breathing method. I felt instantly empowered, strong and centred. The room was my own. Like there wasn't another soul there with me. I have never felt such a internal silence and peace. I was light and free of the weight I had been carrying around with me that day!! After I was confused as to how such a powerful workout could make me still feel calm!

I layed on my mat during savasana and cried and cried it was like I had released some pent up energy from my soul, I was awake like I have never been before! The universe sent yoga into my life when I needed it most. To build strength for the tragedy to come (will discuss further at a later point) My practice and passion has grown equally and I found my true self on that mat that day and I never looked back. It was a spiritual key that unlocked my soul.....

This breath is so important during transition into and out of asanas (postures) as it helps to stay present, calm, strong, self-aware and grounded in the practice, it has a meditative quality. So a bit like life really, when going in and out of different emotions and difficult times, breathe.... it's important to not lose control

You don't only use the ujjayi breath in yoga you take it with you when the Mat is rolled away in your daily life and as a weapon against the struggles. Breathe and you stay grounded, present and remember how special you are.

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