Updated: Oct 10, 2018

I had a long conversation today with my beautiful soul sister @riofredrika about the fear of putting out there that as individuals we are full of self belief and confidence as it is judged by others as vanity or ego, instead of a beautiful quality to carry.

We as a society are we so quick to mock people and tear them down for expressing all the things that they think are amazing about themselves. I've been told by lots of people that they wanna see more of me on my page, but I hold back due to fear of judgement, of people thinking what's this got to do with health or food? Or she's vain, old, not that talented blah blah blah etc etc etc!!!!

But hey, you know what who gives a shit what other people think as long as it sits right with me that's all that's counts right? That may inspire people to also have more self belief?

We all need to be more awake and alive and see that if we all support each other and big people up who use self worth, self care and self belief in their lives then we will build a unit of solidarity. The next time you feel your about to pass judgement on some one, stop and take a moment to be mindful and see if the thoughts in your mind are kind or if the words about to leave your lips are more a reflection on you than the person you say them about.

I have reached a point in my life after many years of self torture, of not believing in who I am, feeling I didn't really have much to offer, when all along I was full to the brim of so many treasures that are so frikkin shiny I wanna shout it from the roof tops. I don't wanna waste another day being made to feel like I'm not!! That's not vanity or ego that's... BIG MAGIC 💎

Thank you to all the powerful #girltribe I have in my life (you know who you all are, some new ones to my life are fuckin epic!) who never take a sister down, we adjust each other's crowns with love, compassion, kindness and a big fat slice of bad ass. Here's to you ladies 🥂 your amazing don't ever take that away from yourself x

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